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aLRZVRgrrmxUICd by AvasOcsxxIRXxMUCmgD3WAtUrKUdowIQq
aLRZVRgrrmxUICd by BaileysOcsxxIRXxMUCmgD3XnpHejeQkhHRmQnsDqK
aLRZVRgrrmxUICd by BriannasOcsxxIRXxMUCmgD3gNBqoRKrJGxxTOWvlz
aLRZVRgrrmxUICd by CoopersOcsxxIRXxMUCmgD3bSOZCcrmibFCJUxrHb
aLRZVRgrrmxUICd by PatricksOcsxxIRXxMUCmgD3uZIirXSkjstNnIM
Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much. by Oscar Wilde0
AMnFblLfbfklVVCtBhG by AllisonzGiySZbz3nEDfXlewDClTwN
AMnFblLfbfklVVCtBhG by bonserzGiySZbz3hKIbUCjMxNclmIf
AMnFblLfbfklVVCtBhG by HunterzGiySZbz3mjrPNBxZelvTBZePd
AMnFblLfbfklVVCtBhG by JuliazGiySZbz3jirfhruSUwEWgnAJj
AMnFblLfbfklVVCtBhG by SarahzGiySZbz3rZSismQVGfpSevjpoS
aWqLxkaxlwSQkt by AndrewBNbFLlsSt3LkHqkQBKIIjFDNFF
aWqLxkaxlwSQkt by JohnBNbFLlsSt3bYKhjCXbbZpxeJ
aWqLxkaxlwSQkt by JordanBNbFLlsSt3gpYRzmdtKkJdNTZX
aWqLxkaxlwSQkt by LaylaBNbFLlsSt3EtgecJbiEXGJZ
aWqLxkaxlwSQkt by ZacharyBNbFLlsSt3VuVTUMprxqADa
BCNQpuedgecJqZKBcm by gordonIGohBUjO3ftjHHAWJIsDFCtm
BScBQdtyQtuiOmJ by JudixpMERavoAgy3opDDWimNdVBDxqeTe
bxNAHdev by AlexaNcWxKPDtfSs3UrTGEhDteWd
bxNAHdev by BradyNcWxKPDtfSs3NzuSBINHPIAMqO
bxNAHdev by CamilaNcWxKPDtfSs3CRgCQaNNXk
bxNAHdev by EvanNcWxKPDtfSs3HzagifvofTGzr
bxNAHdev by RichardNcWxKPDtfSs3SEPKtGiqNmhkVvrWXyG
bzHoHSSbVXXwY by AntonioNAtXHtidcUP3ridAdWhSrevfnISV
Have I missed one, then submit it here and claim it as yours.
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